5 reasons why mountain bike riding is the best exercise ever for weight loss

1. It’s an incredible cardio workout

Mountain biking isn’t just a good time, it will also jack your heart rate up and get your lungs burning. Mountain biking requires your complete focus as you navigate the varying terrain to keep from wrecking. This acute focus keeps your mind off how hard you’re working and before you know it you’ll be covered in sweat and burning calories without even realizing it.

2. It’s a great strength training workout

For many cardio sports, you find yourself needing a session on the weight machine afterward to get in a decent strength session. That’s not the case with mountain biking. Riding up and down steep trails will not only keep your heart rate up but will also force you to use a whole range of muscles. Mountain biking engages most all the muscles in your legs, your core, back, shoulders, arms, and even your hands as you grip your handlebar.

3. It’s accessible to (almost) anyone

So you may be thinking, “there are no good mountain bike trails near me. I don’t live in Moab.” Even those of you living in Florida can enjoy the benefits of mountain biking. Mountain biking is simply riding on unpaved surfaces. Sure, you may not have epic trails out your back door, like I do, but the dirt path at the park is the perfect place for many beginners to start out on their biking weight loss journey.

4. It’s therapeutic

Not only can you find a way to mountain bike just about anywhere anytime and on any budget, but, getting out in nature will do more for your health than just helping you lose weight. Mountain biking can take you to some of the most spectacular vistas and locations imaginable.

5. It’s fun

From the time most kids learn to ride a bike, they start trying to ride off-road. We do it naturally because biking is fun and becomes more fun when you add a bit of variety to it.


So there it is. Mountain biking is the best workout for weight loss. Soccer, basketball, tennis, swimming… They’re all great, but they don’t do the same thing for me as mountain biking. And other cardio sports like running, cycling, and cross country skiing have their limitations too.



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Chris Allen

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